What is Settebello

Settebello is the most valuable and sought after card in the popular Italian card game Scopa. A deck of Scopa cards consists of 40 separate cards in 4 different suits. The suits include clubs, swords, cups and gold coins.

The Settebello is the nickname given to the seven of gold. Whichever player holds the Settebello at the end of a hand is awarded a point. The Settebello can also aid a player in winning a point for the primiera as well as for the player who holds the most gold cards. A typical game of Scopa is played to 11 points.

Scopa is an extremely popular card game in and around Napoli. You can try your hand at playing scopa online by going to www.scopacards.com. There are also several different scopa apps for iPhone.

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Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana: ...cosi mangia a napoli

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